Emergency Election Affirmations Kit

Calling creative community first responders!

We're in a state of emergency... national politics is a giant mushroom cloud of wacko negativity. And that trickles down. The name calling, disrespect and partisanship aren't just bad for our country — they're bad for our cities and towns, our neighborhoods and our own personal karma.

That's why we've put together an emergency election affirmation kit. If you’re feeling icky, simply download, print, and blanket your community in positive, happy thoughts today.

Ugly rhetoric and disrespect are seriously harshing our national mellow. That's why we created a FREE kit to help you paint your community in positivity.

The name calling and partisanship aren't just bad for our country - they're equally damaging to our communities and neighborhoods. How can we rebuild streets, tackle climate change, and educate our kids if we can't stop chasing emails and grabbing each other by various body parts?

It's time to stage an intervention.

Simply download, print, and share the love. These FREE stencils and tear-off posters will help your neighbors smile, come together, and remember that we're all in this together.


  1. Download our Election Affirmation Stencil designs and make your stencils.

    Print the design out onto a material that will work for stencils. Plastic or mylar sheets are best; cardstock or cardboard can work. If you want the stencils to be larger than your printer paper, project them onto pasteboard or a larger sheet, and trace around the design. Cut out the letters, and if you use cardboard or cardstock, tape or laminate so it will hold up to paint.

  2. Pick a spot, get your paint, and spray positivity.

    Find a good location and materials for stenciling. Keep it legal, folks — use temporary chalk spray paint or tempera paint and steer clear of private property (or get permission). Public locations are great — Main Streets, town halls and political venues. Smooth sidewalks or pavement work best. Polling places are great, as long as you abide by local election rules. Use tape or a buddy to hold down the stencil while you spray.

  3. Snap a pic and share! #imwithUS

    Share on social and spread your message even wider. We’ll post some of our favorites here.


  1. Download and print our tear-off fliers.

    Easy peasy: download the file, load up your printer, and run off copies to post around your neighborhood.

  2. Post & enjoy.

    Bring along some tape or thumbtacks and hang up your tear-off sheets on bulletin boards or other public places. Keep an eye on them - we have a feeling the tabs will be gone in no time!

  3. Snap a pic and share! #imwithUS

    Share on social and pass the word along.