Community Workshop is a small Vermont-based consulting firm that specializes in bringing creative engagement, planning, placemaking, and effective communications  to towns, cities and non-profit organizations across North America. 


What We Do

Land use plans, design and development guidelines, site planning and visualization, site selection and assessment, development analysis and feasibility, GIS mapping and analysis. We help guide your community through critical conversations and decisions, using sound decision-making strategies and engagement techniques to make sure everyone has a voice.

Chalkboard walls, community festivals, pop-up events, creative placemaking, engaging workshops, social media and communications campaigns. We help design catalytic activities and communications campaigns. We start by helping you identify your audience, target the right stakeholders, choose the best techniques, and use community networks to meet people where they are.

Event facilitation, structured decision-making, strategic planning, project/policy assessment, action planning, strategic communications planning and evaluation. We facilitate engaging, impactful processes and events. We help you identify your goals, evaluate options and set priorities, get the right people at the table, and make a plan for moving forward.