Pop-Up Arts & Culture Corridor

Join us for a FREE pop-up Arts & Culture Corridor on Saturday, October 19, 11 AM - 3 PM in Railroad Square!

WATCH HERE FOR WEATHER UPDATES…We can take New England weather. But let’s face it: if it’s pouring rain and 32 degrees, it won’t be much fun. Check here for updates if the weather looks bad.


What’s Happening

This fun, FREE, family-friendly event will let you see what a new Arts & Culture Corridor could look and feel like. Come share your ideas for what it should include, take a look at some design options, and have a great time.

All are welcome! Bring your friends and family, come spend the afternoon, and help shape the real Arts & Culture Corridor.

Events and Activities

You’ll find a lot happening in the pop-up Arts & Culture Corridor. Watch this space as we add more activities and a schedule!

  • Pedestrian plaza in Railroad Square

  • Pop-up games and play area

  • Public art

  • Pop-up reading room and story trail

  • Music, entertainment, walks and events

  • Pop-up kids theater and art activities

  • KidVisions art competition

  • Info & interactive model of the Arts & Culture Corridor concept (and chance to share and vote on ideas)

Want to Help?

Pop-up events are only as great as the people who make them!

We’re looking for people who’d like to add or create something special. And we’re looking for hands to help with setup, cleanup, and running the event. Can you help? Sign up here and we’ll contact you with more info.

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