That's why we created a FREE kit to help you shine a spotlight on PEOPLE EVERYWHERE BEING GOOD TO EACH OTHER.

The Local Heroes kit sets you up with a simple way to discover and celebrate the good in your community. You set up a table on the street or at an event, or in your store, then ask passers-by to nominate their local hero. Make sure they explain why, and then hang up their nomination cards on the wall or on a clothesline.  

Simply download, print, and share the love. This FREE kit will help your neighbors smile, come together, and remember that we're all in this together.


1. Download and print a FREE local hero file

2. Pick a place and a time where you can connect with your community. Set up your local hero station!

3. Snap a pic and share! #ourlocalheroes


Print these instructions and cards, cut the card pages in half, and fill out a few yourself!


Create your own local version of this activity. We'll post some of our faves here, so tag and share your work!