Emergency Election Affirmation Kit

Laundromat Theater

DIY Flashmobs

Let's face it - this election has been a giant mushroom cloud of wacko negativity. And that trickles down. The name calling, disrespect and partisanship aren't just bad for our country - they're bad for our cities and towns, our neighborhoods and our own personal karma. That's why we've put together an emergency election affirmation kit. Simply download, print, and blanket your community in positive, respectful thoughts today.


We've just been awarded a national winner in the Play Everywhere competition, from KaBOOM! We have funding to create a prototype "laundromat theater" - a small play stage that can fit in a laundromat, grocery store, bus stop, or any small place where kids and families go. This project will help make everyday spaces more fun, and help kids play wherever they go.

Coming March, 2017!


You haven't lived until you've danced in the streets! At Community Workshop we believe in the power of the arts to bring people together. We also believe that nothing beats a great spontaneous dance party. So why not combine the two? For the past few years we've organized community dance flash mobs for events, including this one at the Foodaroo food and music festival in Middelbury Vermont. Get our free playlist below and organize your own...