Ugly rhetoric and disrespect are seriously harshing our national mellow. That's why we created a FREE kit to help you paint your community in positivity.

The name calling and partisanship aren't just bad for our country - they're equally damaging to our communities and neighborhoods. How can we rebuild streets, tackle climate change, and educate our kids if we can't stop chasing emails and grabbing each other by various body parts?

It's time to stage an intervention.

Simply download, print, and share the love. These FREE stencils and tear-off posters will help your neighbors smile, come together, and remember that we're all in this together.


1. Download and print a FREE election affirmation file

2. Pick a spot in your community in need of positivity. Hang up or stencil your affirmation.

3. Snap a pic and share! #ImwithUS


Print your stencil, cut out the letters, and get to work! Keep it legal, folks - grab a can of temporary chalk spray and choose your location carefully. 

Pro tip: want to make your stencils larger than printer paper? Project the image onto posterboard, trace and cut!


Simply download, print, cut along the dotted lines, and post on a telephone pole or bulletin board near you!


Create your own sign, election graffiti, or positive intervention. We'll post some of our faves here, so tag and share your work!